Division Robotics & Automation Products

Products from Vinar

  • Casting cooling conveyor
  • Casting painting conveyor
  • Shot blasting conveyor
  • Casting / Shell transfer conveyor
  • On line pouring conveyor for shell moulding
  • Core storage & transfer conveyor
  • Scrap handling conveyor

Products from Euromac, Italy

  • Automatic moulding plants
  • Hydraulic moulding machines
  • Mechanised green sand lines
  • Green sand preparation and treatment plants
  • Core making machines and robot production cells (shell process, cold and hot box)
  • Core sand preparation, mixing and distribution
  • Gas generators and amine scrubbing towers
  • Shell moulding machines, closing and gluing systems
  • Wire methods for spheroidisation process
  • Decoring machines
  • Pouring equipment

Products from SIIF, France

  • Robotic cells for Iron castings - Sawing, milling, grinding
  • Trim machines for Iron castings - From 20 to 200T
  • Trim Dies for Iron castings
  • Sawing & Deburring - Band / Circular saw, milling tools, abrasive belt
  • Non destructive tests - Eddy current, Ultrasonic, Resonant frequency, Magnetic particles, Dimensional

Products from Euro-Equip, Spain

  • Runner Riser Breaker
  • Automated Furnace Charging System
  • Ladle Furnace
  • Preparation of FeSiMg Master Alloy into Ladle
  • Automatic Inoculation System AIS