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Webb India Private Limited was formed in 1994 as a joint venture company between Jervis B. Webb Company, USA and Vinar Systems Private Limited, India. Recently Daifuku, Japan has taken over Jervis Webb, USA and hence Webb India has become an integral part of Daifuku group.

The basic thrust of the joint venture was to present a company which could offer state-of-the-art material handling technology to a variety of Indian industries. Webb India’s strategy is to combine the unequalled pool of technological resources available from Jervis B. Webb Company with the local industrial and manufacturing experience of Vinar Systems. This powerful combination enables Webb India to offer Indian industry a single point, turnkey, material handling system integrator. Webb India’s business is to develop material handling systems for each customer’s unique manufacturing environment, using world class material handling components as the system building blocks.

Webb India’s approach enables them to draw from the technical and manufacturing resources of its parent companies, when necessary, but to provide Indian industry with systems that are developed and manufactured using almost entirely Indian resources. This, combined with the recent introduction of Webb India’s own manufacturing facility, results in substantial cost benefits to Webb India’s customers.