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Euromac, Italy

EUROMAC is serving the foundry industry for the last 48 years. EUROMAC, Italy manufactures tailor made “state of the art” equipment, specializing in Core shop and Moulding shop, for iron and steel foundries. For more details, refer to Foundry Div.

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SIIF, France

SIIF uses their experiences in recommending simple & efficient fettling solutions in Foundries which are flexible in nature and also reduces processing cost. SIIF designs, manufactures, install and commission the following equipment in foundries: For more details, refer to Foundry Div.


Haosenread Manufacturing Co., China

Haosen is the largest turn key supplier of engine and transmission assembly and testing lines in China.

HAOSEN designs and manufactures customized assembly lines for gasoline / diesel engines and manual / automatic transmission lines including critical equipments viz. valve key up machine, laser key check machine, leak test machine, sealant applying machine, valve lash machine etc. Depending on the customer requirement, Haosen can customize manual stations, semi automatic stations and fully automatic stations. It's customers include General Motors, Cummins, BMW, Ford, VW, Getrag, John Deere, Foton, Suzuki any many more. For more details, please visit..