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Universal Robots

Introducing the first collaborative robot in 2009, Universal Robots, Denmark has sold more than 24000 collaborative robots which are used in several thousand production environment every day throughout the world. Collaborative robots also called as Cobots are light-weight robots with flexible robotic arms. With a payload of 3 kgs, 5 kgs & 10 kgs, Cobots use collision detection to prevent injury to an operator and hence works along with human beings without safety barriers in majority of the installations. Cobots are simple to use aided by programming through intuitive touch screen. These are faster, easier to implement and more affordable. These can be used for various applications in automotive and FMCG sectors viz. bolt tightening, dispensing, machine tending, pick & place, palletizing 3D inspection and others. Universal Robots introduced new e-series of robots

Website - www.universal-robots.com

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Started in 1981, Cognex derived it's name from the phrase "Cognition Experts'. Today Cognex is a world leader in Vision Technology. Machine vision systems rely on digital sensors protected inside digital cameras with specialized optics to acquire images so that computer hardware and software can process, analyze and measure various characteristics for decision making.

Typical applications include :
  • Error proofing product assembly and other mfg tasks
  • Detecting defects
  • Identifying & tracking items for mfg and logistics
  • Robot guidance.
Major products of Cognex include :
  • Vision sensors
  • Vision cameras
  • Barcode readers
  • 3D area scanners
  • 3D laser profilers
  • Vision software


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Website - www.cognex.com