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“VINAR” is a premier brand in Storage Solution and Material Handling Equipments for more than four decades. These products are at par with international quality standards. Our strength lies in design, quality, prompt delivery and excellent service.

With technical excellence and advance technology, Vinar offers clients with a wide variety of storage solution for commercial as well as industrial purpose with paint/powder coated finish in customer chosen colour ensuring durability and optimum strength of finished products.

Products Manufactured

Storage Solution

Multiple-Tier Racking System

With the help of Vinar Slotted angle and accessories Single Rack, large battery of racks or multiple-tier racks can be erected with equal ease, and on demand can be dismantled and re-used in other sizes quickly, using only a spanner.

  • It is Versatile
  • It is Adjustable
  • No Welding Required
  • Finished in “Vinar Grey” shade to suit any decor
  • Economy – Vinar slotted angles and accessories will reduce storage costs considerably. No welding, drilling or painting is required. Erection or dismantling requires no skilled labour. All components are re-usable.

Heavy Duty High Rise Storage System

Vinar offers lowest storage cost for every ton of material stored by maximizing vertical space-utilisation. The system can be easily installed, dismantled and re-assembled to a different need-based configuration. It offers the maximum strength-to-weight ratio and is designed after considering adequate safety factor.

Library Racks

Vinar Library Rack is an effective way to keep books and periodicals. They are best suited for educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities, public libraries etc.

  • It is sturdy, streamlined and easy to clean
  • Unique feature is that each shelf has a lengthwise groove in the middle and a built-in sturdy back rest with a sliding book stopper for better care of books.
  • It has a range indicator and index pocket for easy identification and traceability
  • It is so designed that you can start with one unit and keeps on gradually increasing the number as requirement grows with Add-on units

Mobile Compactor System

Vinar Mobile Compactor System is an easy cost effective way to increase storage capacity and make more economic use of valuable floor space. This translates enormous savings on account of skyrocketing real estate prices.

  • Totally enclosed, dust free environment
  • Central locking system for greater security and operational convenience
  • Works on Single Aisle – saving unproductive aisle spaces

Mezzanine Floor

Vinar has attained specialization in manufacturing and supplying mezzanine floors that are developed using the finest quality construction components. Mezzanine Floors are the perfect solution for increasing the floor space of a warehouse, without any need for additional construction.

Drive-In Racking System-

The system is meant for extremely efficient storage concentration. Pallets are stored back to back without aisles for exceptionally dense storage. This system is an excellent solution for products which are not time or date sensitive.

Cantilever Storage Rack Systems

Cantilever Storage Rack is designed for storage of long products like storing rods, pipes, channel, etc.
Salient features:

  • With no front column in the way.
  • Faster to load / unload and lowers handling time and cost.
  • Load can be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row on the cantilever rack.
  • The lack of front column saves horizontal space that is normally lost due to rack structure.
  • Any load on storage slot is immediately accessible.
  • Handling clearance is more.
  • Both reduced handling time and increased space utilization makes cantilever rack more cost efficient.

Automatic Storage & Retrieval System

An automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS or AS/RS) consists of a variety of computer-controlled methods for automatically placing and retrieving loads from specific storage locations. They focus on bringing “goods to the man” rather than manual walking and searching. Space savings, increased productivity / reduced labor, and reduced inventory levels are some of the benefits. The equipment required for an AS/RS includes a Storage & Retrieval Machine (SRM). Common types of SRMs are mini load and unit load. An SRM moves loads on three axes : vertically and/ or horizontally in the aisle and then laterally to place the load in a storage location.