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A wide array of conveyors find application in an automotive manufacturing company including stand alone conveyors and large systems comprising of several conveyors moving in tandem. Conveyors used for a 2 wheeler for example is very different than that used for a earth moving equipment. Similary a conveyor used for Assembly Shop is very different than that used for a Paint Shop. A typical application can be catered to by different type of conveyors, each with it's inherent advantages. Similarly the same product can be used for a variety of applications. Vinar's range of products cater to the entire family of automotives as follows -

2W / 3W / 4W
Commercial vehicles

Farm Equipments - Tractors / Tillers / Rotavators / Rippers / Combines
Earth Moving Equipments - Escavator / Backhoe / Wheel Loader / RCC / Compactor / Loadall


  • Press Shop
  • Body Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Assembly Shop
  • Leak Test
  • Interplant Transfer
  • Aggregrate assembly / dressing
  • Storage & Kitting

Automotive Components

Similar to the automotive industry, the automotive component industry requires a large pallet of conveyors for various products and applications. The system may include a stand alone conveyor or comprise of a combination of large number of conveyors. Vinar's range of products cater to the entire family of automotive components as follows -

  • Sheet metal and plastic parts
  • Front & rear axle
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Seats
  • Instrument panel
  • Battery
  • Tubes and tyres
  • Shock absorber & springs


  • Paint Shop
  • Assembly & Testing
  • Interplant Transfer
  • Storage & Kitting

Food / FMCG / Personal Care

High speed plastic chain conveyor moving on aluminium extruded rail to transfer CFC from end of Packing line to Warehouse. The system is complete with traffic control systems, diverters etc. CFC’s can be identified and segregated with help of vision cameras, bar code scanners etc.

White & Brown Goods / Domestic Appliances

A wide array of applications can be catered to by our overhead & floor conveyors.

  • Painting
  • Assembly & Packing
  • Testing & Inspection
  • Intershop Transfer & Storage


Overhead conveyors are extensively used for drying leather.


Overhead conveyors are extensively used for carrying green leaves to withering trough, withered leaves to processing plant, for fermentation etc.

Tyres and Tubes

Floor conveyors are used for raw material storage & transfer and for transfer of tyres from Curing press to Final Inspection. Overhead conveyors are used for storage of Green tyre and cured tyre.


We supply a wide pallet of conveyors for the following applications :

  • Core / Shell Handling
  • Online pouring
  • Casting cooling & transfer
  • RR / Gate handling
  • Painting
  • Storage

E-commerce Warehousing / Pharma

Our range of conveyor include :

  • Belt & roller conveyors
  • Modular plastic belt conveyors
  • Spiral conveyors
  • Monorail overhead conveyors
  • Elevators / Escavayors / Eloveyors


Our wide range of overhead & floor conveyors is useful for following applications :

  • Interplant & multilevel trolley transfer for Rolls, Yarn & Bales
  • Finished goods transfer to warehouse & despatch

Other Industry

Other industries being catered :

  • Cement
  • Pumps, Compressor, Generators
  • Sanitaryware, Tile, Glass
  • Tea
  • Leather & finished product
  • LPG cylinder / Drums
  • Slaughter house
  • Jute
  • Paints