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Intralox invented modular plastic belting more than 40 years ago and has continued to produce high-quality, innovative conveyor belts and equipment ever since.

Intralox’s dedicated, expert industry teams help customers optimize existing applications and develop new solutions to address their conveyance challenges.

Intralox works with major automotive manufacturers and OEM’s across the world. By using the Intralox systems the automotive manufacturers have eliminated frequent, time – consuming and expensive belt or chain repairs.

Intralox SkidVeyor™ solutions include the most efficient and most durable modular plastic belt in the world for skid handling.

Our customers for Intralox belt conveyors include Maruti Suzuki, Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors & Hero Motocorp.

Website - www.intralox.com

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Universal Robots

Introducing the first collaborative robot in 2009, Universal Robots, Denmark has sold more than 24000 collaborative robots which are used in several thousand production environment every day throughout the world. Collaborative robots also called as Cobots are light-weight robots with flexible robotic arms. With a payload of 3 kgs, 5 kgs & 10 kgs, Cobots use collision detection to prevent injury to an operator and hence works along with human beings without safety barriers in majority of the installations. Cobots are simple to use aided by programming through intuitive touch screen. These are faster, easier to implement and more affordable. These can be used for various applications in automotive and FMCG sectors viz. bolt tightening, dispensing, machine tending, pick & place, palletizing 3D inspection and others. Universal Robots introduced new e-series of robots

Website - www.universal-robots.com

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We now represent Verlinde, France in the Automotive & Automobile Component Industries, who is one of the world leaders in Hoisting and Handling equipments.

Verlinde designs and manufactures hoists, cranes and related accessories to meet individual demands of the clients since 1856. Verlinde offers manual / electric winches and hoists, trolleys and load balancers, traveling and jib cranes and electronic devices. It's comprehensive range includes 30 groups of lifting equipment from 60 to 250000kgs. VERLINDE’s innovative, experienced and highly skilled designers offer hoisting solutions that make the working area really safe, productive and comfortable.

Verlinde reference list features some of the world’s leading organization namely Renault, Ford, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Toyota Industrial Equipment, Caterpillar, Nestle, General Motors, Citroen, Michelin, Airbus, Scania, Massey Fergusson, Air France, Bosch, Marcel Dassault, Du Pont, Alstom, BMW.

Website - www.verlinde.com

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Dalian Haosen

TWe now represent Haosenread Manufacturing Co. who are the largest turn key suppliers of engine and transmission assembly and testing lines in China. Located in Dalian with over 90000 Sq.M. of area & 900 employees, Haosen's annual turnover is USD 100 million. We can also provide Cold Test Equipments in cooperation with Haosen.

HAOSEN designs and manufactures customized assembly lines for gasoline / diesel engines and manual / automatic transmission lines including critical equipments viz. valve key up machine, laser key check machine, leak test machine, sealant applying machine, valve lash machine etc. Depending on the customer requirement, Haosen can customize manual stations, semi automatic stations and fully automatic stations.

Haosen has commissioned 46 assembly lines and it's reference list features some of the world’s leading organization including

General Motors (9 lines), Cummins (4 lines), Caterpillar (5 lines), BMW (3 lines), VW (2 lines), Getrag (3lines), John Deere, Foton, Suzuki, FAW.

Website - www.haosen.com.cn

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