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Intralox invented modular plastic belting more than 40 years ago and has continued to produce high-quality, innovative conveyor belts and equipment ever since.

Intralox’s dedicated, expert industry teams help customers optimize existing applications and develop new solutions to address their conveyance challenges.

Intralox works with major automotive manufacturers and OEM’s across the world. By using the Intralox systems the automotive manufacturers have eliminated frequent, time – consuming and expensive belt or chain repairs.

Intralox SkidVeyor™ solutions include the most efficient and most durable modular plastic belt in the world for skid handling.

Our customers for Intralox belt conveyors include Maruti Suzuki, Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Hero Motocorp, Fiat & Marico.

Website - www.intralox.com

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SIIF, France uses their experiences in recommending simple & efficient fettling solutions in Foundries which are flexible in nature and also reduces processing cost. SIIF designs, manufactures, install and commission the following equipment in foundries:

SIIF can offer the following range of equipment:
  • Robotic cells for Iron & non ferrous castings - Sawing, milling, grinding
  • Trim machines for Iron castings
  • Trim Dies for Iron castings
  • Sawing & Deburring - Band / Circular saw, milling tools, abrasive belt
  • Non destructive tests - Eddy current, Ultrasonic, Resonant frequency, Magnetic particles, Dimensional

Website: www.siif.fr

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Since it was founded in 1974, Euro-Equip has played its part in modernising Spanish foundries at the very highest level. They have provided services and equipment for practically all the companies in the Spanish foundry sector, not forgetting a number of other companies elsewhere in the world. Their main clients include foundries supplying components for the automotive, mining and shipbuilding industries as well as machine parts.

They manufacture the world’s most popular scrap preparation system with collaboration of YUATSUKI, Japan the runner riser breaker/crusher, The runner breaker is the most experience machine in the market: more than 15 years and over 170 units operating successfully worldwide, supporting its effectiveness.

Runner Breaker is designed to break runners and gatings of ductile iron, grey iron, bronze and aluminum, and reduce its volume to 65% of their initial size.

The automated furnace charging system helps you to melt time and after the same molten material without any error.

EURO-EQUIP can offer the following range of equipment:

  • Runner Riser Breaker
  • Automated Furnace Charging System
  • Ladle Furnace
  • Preparation of FeSiMg Master Alloy into Ladle
  • Automatic Inoculation System – AIS

Website: www.euroequip.es