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Overhead Conveyor

Vinar has the widest possible range of overhead monorail conveyors capable of handling unit load upto 4000 kg. Vinar also manufactures complete range of 3 rail conveyors with automatic loading / unloading systems.

  • EV : Light duty conveyor upto 40kg
  • ES : Medium duty conveyor upto 55 / 100kg.
  • I-Beam : Heavy duty conveyor upto 4000kg.

Floor Conveyor

These are generally custom built depending on the type of component to be handled as well as the application / process requirement. Vinar designs and manufacters a wide range of floor conveyors comprising of:

  • Slat conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • Accumulating conveyor
  • Tow conveyor - horizontal / vertical loop
  • Stepper conveyor
  • Elevators, Lift Tables, Scissor Lift
  • Skid conveyor
  • Pallet handling conveyor
  • Assembly & Testing conveyor
  • Flat belt conveyor
  • Powered / free roller conveyor
  • Transfer car, Turn Table, Swivel Table, Tilt Table
  • Inverted Monorail conveyor for Ovens
  • Scrap conveyor
  • Modular conveyor
  • Escavayor

Z type Eloveyor

The elevator can take a 'Z', 'C' or a 'T' shaped orientation in one plane. It's unique chain collapsing action at the loading zone ensures almost zero spillage. Multiple discharge points are possible which can be integrated with level sensors in the Silos. Buckets can be discharged selectively. Ideal for Plastic granules, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, food processing, tea, confectionary etc.

Collaborative Robots - Cobots

Vinar offers Collaborative Robots from Universal Robots, Denmark. These are light-weight robots with a payload of 3 kgs, 5 kgs & 10 kgs. Cobots are simple to use and works right alongside employees. Anyone can program through intuitive touch screen. These are faster, easier to implement and more affordable. These can be used for various applications in automotive and FMCG sectors viz. bolt tightening, dispensing, gluing, machine tending, pick & place, palletizing 3D inspection and others. Universal Robots introduces new e-series of robots.

Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors

Vinar offers plastic belt conveyors which find wide applications in the automotive, FMCG and food sector.

The application in the automotive sector includes Final assembly line, Leak test line, Peopleveyor, Tire & wheel assembly and Final Inspection.

Modular plastic belts are extensively used in the FMCG and food sector for various applications for Merging, Sorting, Transport, Alignment etc.

Custom built material handling equipment

  • Powerised Turn Table 8.5M. Dia for Escavator aggregate assembly
  • Turnover device for HCV long members / Chassis
  • Pick and Place Device for HCV long member
  • Pick and Place in X,Y,Z direction for Industrial Safe
  • Tilting table for Wax draining
  • Inverted Monorail skid conveyor for Ovens
  • Skid Exchange System
  • Goods elevators with auto loading / unloading